The 'Command Center' for Castle Rock BBS

Specific Information

Additional Information

Castle Rock BBS is currently running under Ubuntu 18.04LTS/64bit. This allows us the freedom to run older (or should I say, vintage) programs and door games.

As you can see in the picture above, Castle Rock is running on the upper left monitor. I do run Mystic in 'server' mode, so that I am able to see what's happening.

The monitor on the upper right, is running Windows 7/32bit. This system is currently running hub 4 for fsxNet. More info about the networks can be found further down this page.

The two monitors on the bottom, are for my working computer. This is the system that I do my coding, as well as logging into Castle Rock BBS. This is an Ubuntu 19.04/64bit system.

BBS Networks

Recently, there has been some changes in the networks that are being carried at Castle Rock. Some of them either didn't have any traffic at all, or only 'bot' messages. I couldn't justify continuing having them connected anymore.

Here is a list of the current networks that are being carried:


fsxNet *

RetroNet *


DoreNet *



SportNet *



Usenet newsgroups

(* indicates Castle Rock BBS is a hub for these networks)

RCS Software

Some of you might be aware of a few programs that have been released under the RCS brand. RCS was originally formed in 1994, as a business which built and sold PC computers, and offered in-home technical support. With the introduction of low-end, low-cost computers, there wasn't much call for custom built systems anymore. RCS has been raised from the ashes, to develop some software for those of you running Mystic BBS software.

RCS has started developing MPL (Mystic Programming Language) programs. As of June 2019, we have a couple of utilities for MysticBBS running, along with a couple of games that are currently being developed. They are all online now at Castle Rock BBS.

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For more up to date information about what is happening at Castle Rock BBS, you can check out the announcements and updates page. I've been trying to get into the habit of adding regular content to this page.

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