BBS Related Links

The command center for Castle Rock BBS and related services

What is a BBS?

A BBS, or a Bulletin Board System, was basically, the Internet, before we had the Internet. Here is a link to wiki to can explain it in more detail:

Here is a link to an article written in 2017 that explains what a BBS is as well.

BBS Software

Mystic BBS - Great BBS Program still in production by an awesome developer

Synchronet BBS - Another great BBS Program that is still in development

Magicka BBS - A free BBS for Linux/BSD - Still in active development by another great developer

Enigma 1/2 BBS - An actively developed BBS program from another great developer

WWIV BBS - Long-Time BBS program which is still being developed

Links to some other BBS's

Agency BBS - A great BBS website with great information

Cyberia BBS - A great BBS - The Sysop is also a developer of many great Mystic Add-ons

Throwback BBS - Great information on this site, including information on the DoorParty game server

The Quantum Wormhole BBS - A new BBS, that I believe came through the wormhole from the delta quadrant. :)